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Easy way to sell your car

So why use The Motor Agency. Selling your own car is fraught with perils and dangers. Strangers coming to your house, phone calls at unsuitable times, the bargaining, the test drivers and then there's making sure you're actually paid. Our appraisal and advice service can certainly help you with this by firstly making sure your price is set right to give you confidence that it's priced right within the market so you don’t give it away. The advice we give will be on how to handle the calls and the potential customer when you meet them. Appraising a motor is not as simple as taking down the reg and saying sell it for 3 grand and they will come flocking. Every car is as individual as the owner. You may not be bothered about stamped service history but prospective buyers can be. You may think those 20 inch alloy wheels look great but does that reduce the audience. We have access to body shops, mechanics, independent appraisers, buyers, servicing, electricians and parts.


Appraise And Advice Only

Full vehicle appraisal with advise on price to market and quote any work that may need to be carried out


Appraise, Advise And Put On Market

We do a full appraisal with recommendations and then take professional pictures and put a video together for you on You Tube. We then list the vehicle on your preferred site and leave you with the sale.


Appraise, Advise, Market & Sell

Full vehicle appraisal with recommendations, photos, video and then list for sale on several platforms and deal with the negotiations from start to finish


Sale Or Return

Full vehicle appraisal with recommendations, photos, video and then we take away and market for you.



We contact our connections and get a trade buyer quickly.


Not Sure Which Service

Just give us a call or send us a message and we will guide you in the right direction


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